Strategic consulting

Thanks to our innovative vision and translational approach, Cardiomedex is your partner of choice for:

  • Optimizing processes to enable early clinical proof of concept
  • Therapeutic switching or re-profiling
  • Extending drug life cycles
  • Developing intellectual property rights for compounds

Strategic reprofiling of an antihypertensive drug inhibiting renin-angiotensin-aldosteron system.

The clinical development of this compound in the cardiovascular field provided epidemiologic results from which our team highlighted neuro-protective effects. Our action then led to the  repositioning of this drug in the treatment of dementia.


Our services

Our team of highly skilled physicians and scientists provide value-added and strategic consulting solutions. We adopt a personalized approach to maximize your research productivity and streamline drug development, repositioning and lifecycle extension management.

Our services include:

  • Personalized collaboration to develop an optimal and efficient early phase clinical research strategy as well as repositioning plan
  • Customized study design and protocol development to meet your business objectives
  • Extensive clinical pharmacology expertise, networks and scientific experience
  • Expert reporting skills
  • Medical writing expertise
  • Support of pre-regulatory and regulatory submissions (ANSM / AFSSAPS, HAS, EMEA, FDA)
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