Cardiomedex is a specialty contract research organization dedicated to cardiovascular diseases. Our company concept is unique and based on the generation of preclinical and early clinical proof-of concept evidence to optimize drug development.

Our company provides a global and translational vision for the biopharmaceutical industry:

  • Highly specialized expertise in: cardiovascular disorders, cardio-oncology, neurocardiology and dysautonomia
  • Our clinicians and outstanding scientists create a permanent connection between experimental research and the clinic.


Cardiomedex offers :

  • Lead optimization: cellular and molecular tools for compound screening and device testing with highly sensitive biosensors using BRET-based technology
  • Full preclinical services: Proof of concept and safety experiments using customized in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro assays
  • First in man trials for early clinical proof of concept studies
  • Clinical trials (phases I to IV) in a dedicated and internationally recognized clinical center for investigation, specializing in the autonomic nervous system and cardiometabolic disorders
  • Strategic consulting for the drug development process, launch onto the market, therapeutic switching and lifecycle extension of existing drugs.


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