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Drug Discovery Innovation Congress, Berlin, Germany, 19-20 March, 2013

3 February 2013

We are pleased to inform that Dr Céline Gales will be speaking on BRET based G protein activation during  the session “Advances in Target Based Drug Design” dealing with the understanding of the biological consequences of signalling pathways and GPCR functions and the evalutation of the mechanism of action of receptors and approaches for translating allosteric modulators into the clinic.

Dr Gales’s presentation is entitled “Delineating the Complexity of Biased and Full Agonism Reveals the Existence of a New Distinct Active AT1 Receptor Entity: Toward a Redefinition of “Biased Agonist”.”

To meet Dr Gales during the conference or for more information on BRET based assays, feel fee to contact us.

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