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The Cardiometabolic hub is launched!

29 March 2012

Cardiometabolic hub

The cardiometabolic hub is a consortium of highly specialized contract research organizations that pool their scientific expertises, preclinical and clinical skills and technical resources to provide outstanding research services and consulting for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nutraceutical companies worldwide.



The members of the hub are:

  •  Physiogenex: a leading preclinical CRO covering complex metabolic disorders associated with diabetes, obesity, liver diseases, lipid disorders, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. The company pioneers the development of kinetic methods using radioactive labeled tracers and predictive diet induced animal models.
  • Bêtagenex: the company provides a complete panel of services for preclinical evaluation of test compounds or potential targets on insulin secretion, glucose and lipid homeostasis, and energy balance via complementary in vivo and in vitro approaches. They have a unique expertise in pancreatic ß-cell function.
  • Cardiomedex: a full range CRO for screening, lead optimization, preclinical and clinical services in cardiovascular disorders with unique expertises in oncocardiology and neurocardiology. The company offers efficacy studies, first in human studies, early POC and clinical studies.

The hub is led by Dr Thierry Sulpice who manages all three companies.

For more information, visit the cardiometabolic hub website.

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